Taking Stock // 002

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While I was going back through my archives, I really enjoyed re-reading my “Taking Stock”  post  (which you can find here) and remembering how I felt at that time. Now that I find myself in a brand new season and phase of life, I thought I’d try it again!

Cooking: nothing – who needs to cook when you’re living at home with mom and dad again ;)
Drinking: lots of water to beat the heat
Reading: the Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (again)
Wanting: a 5D Mark ii (or Mark iii) camera
Wishing: I could book a trip somewhere with my favourite traveller
Enjoying: long summer days and nights at the cottage
Waiting: for Connor to come home (!!)
Wondering: what my future will look like
Loving: my summer tan potential this year (shallow, yes, but after that brutal winter I don’t care!)
(Still) Hoping: I find happiness in everything I do
Needing: a winning lottery ticket
Wearing: floral rompers, jean shorts & t-shirts, maxi dresses
Thinking: about how I can become a serious humanitarian photographer
Bookmarking: hilarious Buzzfeed articles
Opening: duffle bags filled with smoky, campfire scented clothing
Giggling: over funny emails
Feeling: extremely restless

So, This Happened…


Graduation was something I was dreading, but I’m actually really happy that I went! The ceremony itself was short and sweet, and with two of my favourite professors sitting on stage I felt safe knowing they were (hopefully) cheering me on in their heads as I crossed the stage, had my hood placed over me, and shook hands with the chancellor. Graduating from my undergraduate degree will only happen one time, and I’m beyond happy that I didn’t blow off the ceremony for fear of social awkwardness or boredom. Most of the graduation speeches were centred around giving back to the world and righting injustices. I left feeling inspired and slightly more ready to go out into the real world and find my place in it. Right now, I’m also feeling pretty lucky to have graduated from a program (and institution!) that strongly encourages its students to adopt a global perspective, engage in the world, and always seek to make positive changes, big or small.

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IMG_4038U of G, thanks for the best four years I ever could have imagined. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Things I Find Up North

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Up north, our cottage is based on a pretty large property and I tend to find some pretty unique stuff! Originally, the land was used as a lumber mill and every spring pieces of old dishes and glassware show up in the run-off streams and on the beach. This spring I finally found a whole bottle! Ok, I know it’s not that exciting but over the years I’ve found plenty of bottle necks, but never a full one intact. This weekend the weather was miserable (cloudy and cold) and the mosquitos were out in droves, but the sun finally peeked out on Sunday afternoon and I was able to grab a few pictures. Most of the things I found were dead…but they made for some neat pictures, I think. It’s all a part of nature, right?

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I felt so bad about finding that little tiny egg that I buried it below one of my favourite tree stumps overlooking the lake. Here are some more photos of the weekend that are a little cheerier!

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Film // 005


008_8A few months ago, I searched around online and found a forum that suggested trying Wal-Mart’s photo lab for film development. Well, yesterday I gave it a go and got one of my disposable camera’s developed and scanned for $5. Usually it costs $5 for the development and $5 for the scans, but half of my film didn’t turn out and the nice woman working at the counter felt bad and only charged me for development. Still, $10 for the whole process is a deal compared to other places and the photos turned out pretty well. As much as I like these photos, I think the Fuji disposable cameras pick up blues and greens the best and capture images optimally under very bright lighting conditions. If you’re using one of these to shoot indoors, always always always use the flash! If you don’t, you’ll end up with grey, grainy, indecipherable images every time. 003_3











Connor’s the best for always letting me use him as my model. Even though he gets impatient sometimes. ;)